Basic Facts About Hormone Replacement Therapy

In the year 2002, HRT has become a common treatment procedure for women experiencing post-menopausal symptoms because of falling female sex hormone levels. Before, testosterone is not considered an important female sex hormone. But there had been some breakthroughs in the study of science that developed over the past 10 years. Sudden feeling of feverish, sweating at night, feeling of dryness, mild depression and loss of appetite, skin and hair feels dry, sudden weight gain, and Irregular menstruation; these are just some of the common signs of menopause.

What type of hormone level decreases during menopause?
During the time of menopause, all female hormone levels including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone decreases, and that is what caused all the symptoms. Testosterone is a hormone produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands that is a steroid androgen hormone. Women produces about 10% of testosterone that men do during their early childhood period. Testosterone level of men also decreases as they get older, it even falls up to zero or near zero.

Nowadays, testosterone is thought to play an essential role in the female sexual response and libido. But not all women experience a decrease in their sexual drive or function resulted by not having enough testosterone levels. While some other women will that is why it is vital that these women are aware of how these can be treated.

Are these hormones replaceable? The answer to that is yes, its possible to replace these hormones. When it comes to post hysterectomy, only estrogen can be given because endometrial cancer is no longer one of its possible side effects. A combination of progesterone and estrogen are normally chosen because estrogen alone can carry a bigger risk of endometrial cancer. Testosterone can now be given with or without the combination with either of the other hormones.

These are the following procedures that can treat menopause:
Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most popular and effective treatment of menopausal symptoms. If its you have not undergone hysterectomy then this will involve a combination of both estrogen and progesterone, perhaps even testosterone. But if you had undergone hysterectomy already then that removes the high risk of endometrial cancer, the estrogen alone or combined with testosterone can be the treatment for you.

The Women’s Health Initiative study reported in the preliminary finding in 2002 that was quite alarming to the public. There were misinterpretations that caused attention grabbing headlines about how HRT causes breast cancer. That is why it is essential to better understand the exact facts that were determined in the study. Find out more details here:

Statistics show that among 10,000 women taking estrogen/progesterone combination HRT for one whole year, there were eight extra cases of breast cancers when compared to the same group of women not receiving the treatment for one year as well. It did not show any deaths among the women undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

Some reports on the study did not even mention that there were a significant decreased cases of bone fracture and bowel cancer among the group undergoing HRT. Not to mention the 15% decrease as well of the breast cancer cases among women who are on estrogen only HRT.
38 cases of breast cancers among HRT group compared to just 30 cases among the women not undergoing HRT were reported. HRT or hormone replacement therapy for women today has proven itself to be an essential cure or treatment as it has always been. It has now been extended to considering the addition of testosterone to oestrogen and progesterone. But of course this therapy should be handled with care and should only be done by medical experts or hormone doctor near me. The so called Bio identical HRT does not offer any advantage over their synthetic equivalents and may not wok as effective as it should be.

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